100 Vignettes.

Where did this idea come from? Why spend so much time and energy on short films about random people?

It all comes from a place of curiosity. The desire to learn and know as many stories and people as I can. The drive to share, and to create a more empathetic world. And, to become better at my craft. The only way to be a better editor, cinematographer, director, interviewer, listener. I am excited to see how much I change simply through the repetition of this workflow. From my very first film, to my 100th.

If you have a story to share, a memory, a craft, a business, joy or pain or anything to share: reach out to me. I want to learn from you.

Vignettes 0-100

001. Gabriela Hydle: Seeds of Guatemala

002. Rhys: Life in Rhythm

003. Joshua Crane: On Magic

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