1. mTBI Recovery with CBD

    2023-06-22 21:43:25 UTC
    Hi there! My name is Grace Williams, I am a retired D1 runner-turned-professional cyclist. I have been racing for UCI Team Cynisca Cycling for the past year. Here is my story regarding my mTBI from this March, and how CBD has completely transformed my recovery and symptom management I’ve spent…

  2. Cheers to Life

    2023-04-21 16:50:24 UTC
    There is something radically philosophical, and beautiful, about taking part in a sport that reminds you (daily) of the fragility of life. I have spent the entirety of my life pursuing what it means to be an athlete. I grew up kicking a soccer ball, dabbling in volleyball, swimming, and…

  3. To the Cobbles

    2023-02-27 14:00:44 UTC
    Craywinkelhof: Omloop Van Het Hageland 1.1 The race today is mostly road, with about 10K of cobbles and a few short but mean climbs. Not too bad, right? Normal road racing? Nah. The catch is that most of the roads are sidewalk-sized, there are numerous tight turns (think US Crit,…

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