Philosophy Of Sport

This project was completed as part of my Individualized Major Program (IMP) at IU. The program gave me room to combine my interests, where I was able to pitch my own list of classes, weaving together some of my favorites such as Soul & Psyche, Materialism, Neuroscience, and Art & the Brain. I named my new major "Neurophilosophy & Religion": a comprehensive path of study on the human condition, our belief systems, and our relationship with the world around us. It was a personal extension of a basic biology degree, because to me, life is about far more than just hard science. If we want to understand how to improve the state of the world, we must also understand the intricacies of how humans behave, focusing on their health & well-being.

Within my IMP thesis, I wanted to include my thoughts on philosophy, on environmentalism and consumerism, and on finding meaning and purpose in life. However, these topics seemed elusive and difficult to discuss in an academic context. So, I rebranded my project as a personal journey of human growth, guided by my interviews of fellow athletes. I asked important, deep questions, and was able to create an approachable project on abstract thoughts by basing it on a very tangible activity: sport. 

This project allowed me to explore my voice as a storyteller and stands as my very first published project that combines my writing and photography.

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