Specialized x Small Business Saturday

Director: Grace Williams

DP: Elliot Whitehead

Producer: Esma Taylor

Color: Elliot Whitehead

Audio: Nelson Klein

Editor: Brian Szymanski

Talents: Ellen Campbell, Howard Grotts, Lauren Aggeler, Kai Lokey, Heath Garvey, Darian Harvey

An ode to importance of small town businesses and a spotlight on the beauty & community built upon bike shops.

Shoot the Trails Film Festival: A Short Professional Bike Film

Directors: Grace Williams & Emily Segura-Maze

DP: Grace Williams

Talents: Nelson Klein & Emily Segura-Maze

Editor: Emily Segura-Maze

A short satire on the epic adventure films that often saturate the outdoor industry: A Very Professional Bike Film follows a crew of friends as they film and ride together in Flagstaff, AZ.

Boulderthon 2023

Director/DP/Editor: Grace Williams 

AC: Avery Strumm

Hype recap film from the 2023 Boulderthon Weekend.

World Ride Film Festival: Seeds of Guatemala

Director/DP/Editor: Grace Williams 

A feature film on Gabriela Hydle, who uses the bike as a tool to accept & take pride in herself an Indigenous Guatemalan woman, planting seeds for her children to do the same.

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